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Pharm Origins Successfully Extracts Natural Conolidine With Patented Ethyl Extraction Process

Posted by Matthew Ryncarz on
Pharm Origins Successfully Extracts Natural Conolidine With Patented Ethyl Extraction Process

After extensive research and development, Pharm Origins has announced the successful extraction of natural relief alkaloid conolidine.

Conolidine, a naturally occurring alkaloid, has been vastly studied for its ability to suppress pain like popular opiates without side effects or addiction risk.

It is specifically a C5 nor stemmadenines, which is an opioid analgesics, science shows may be a powerful relief without side effects or addiction.

Pharm Origins has recently filed patents on a nutrient extraction system that is able to extract active ingredients from the world’s rarest, most fragile sources.

This cutting-edge process was used in the extraction of conoldine. “We have been following the research evolution of conolidine since 2011 and the clinical results have been incredible. We are proud that we have the technology to isolate this very important compound” said Clint Winters, natural health expert and Pharm Origins Spokesperson.

He went on to say.. “It is our goal to be able to provide a sublingual formula that will give our customers potent and safe relief.” The breakthrough comes in the midst of a terrible opioid epidemic ravaging American citizens and families.

“We view sublingual conolidine as a safe and potential alternative to the world’s most dangerous pain killing medications,” said Travis Shoaf, Director of Manufacturing and Fulfillment for Pharm Origins. “Seeing this compound develop in our lab has been truly exciting.”

Although more research is needed, Pharm Origins has released its first extraction  of Conolidine for sale to the public. Try it for yourself to see if it may benefit you as well. 

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