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The HUGE Acid Reflux Cover-Up!

Posted by Matthew Ryncarz on
The HUGE Acid Reflux Cover-Up!

Discover 10 Natural Ways You Can Help Your Body Fight Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Constipation or Stomach Agony…. Starting In just 24 Hours!

The Covered-Up Cause of Acid Reflux leaves over 60 million Americans in agony

…and may actually threaten YOUR LIFE!

 Big Money Medicine wants you to believe the searing pain of reflux comes from too much stomach acid.


 They’ve created a $7 billion-a-year “acid blocking” business that literally stops the pumps in your stomach from making acid.

 With their help, you may get temporary relief, but their solutions are only a “shell game.” As you’ll see, long term use of these acid blockers can lead to worse symptoms…dependency on these medications—and ironically, different acid reflux problems once you stop taking them!

 The Medical Establishment’s answer has been a colossal failure, leaving millions dependent on acid blockers and ignoring the real problem.

 Here's why...

Trying to block stomach acid can ruin your digestion because it allows poisons into your bloodstream that wreak havoc on your immune system!

 Acid reflux can be controlled, even conquered—safely and naturally

but only if you address the real trigger.

The Truth About Stomach Acid Nobody’s Talking About

 If you want complete natural relief from acid reflux, you must first know the real story about acid.

 Most people think acid in your stomach is a bad thing. But that’s a big misconception! Acid is not a bad thing.

 In fact, your stomach was created to be an “acid chamber” to help digest food and proteins.

 Ideally, your stomach should have a pH (acid/alkaline) reading of 3 or less—which is acidic. Zero pH is highly acidic…7 pH is neutral…and 14 pH is highly alkaline.

 Why does your stomach need acid? For three important reasons:

  1. Your stomach needs acid so it can breakdown and absorb vitamins and nutrients from food and supplements. Without this acid, your health is drained.
  1. Your stomach needs acid to breakdown proteins into amino acids. Without this acid, your strength is zapped.
  1. Your stomach needs acid to destroy incoming bacteria and pathogens. Without this acid, you’re vulnerable to many health problems.

 So the worst thing you can do is block your stomach’s ability to produce acid! This fact should have you steaming mad if you have acid reflux, and if you’ve been depending on typical “acid blocking” solutions!

 If that’s the case, then you may be wondering, what triggers the excess acid that causes acid reflux? Good question.

 The real trigger of acid reflux is …

too much red meat protein, sugar, coffee, soda drinks, chocolate, greasy fried foods, processed foods with artificial sweeteners and preservatives plus the overuse of antibiotics (which kill off “good” bacteria), even lack of sleep…stress… being overweight can trigger acid reflux!

 As a result, your food you eat is not digested and broken down properly. Clumps of undigested food starts to ferment and rot, which produces an overgrowth of acid.

 This glut of acid easily build ups and overflows into areas it was never intended to go, such as your esophagus.

 So you end up with a “reflux” of acid…a burning sensation in your chest or throat…heartburn…stomach pains…constipation …PLUS

  1. Your immune systems is weakened
  2. Harmful bacteria, toxins and poisons flood your bloodstream
  3. It’s harder for you to absorb vitamins and nutrients from foods and supplements
  4. Undigested food ferments in your gut
  5. Acid levels significantly rise, setting the stage for acid reflux

 So what can we do?

 10 Tips For Reducing Constant Constipation and Acid reflux

  • Eat smaller portion sizes and more frequent meals.
  • Eat more slowly.
  • Avoid spicy or fatty foods.
  • Avoid binge and overeating.
  • Do not lie down immediately after a meal. Go for a walk
  • Lower your alcohol consumption.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Try to limit the amount of meat protein you eat each day to -2-3 ounces.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Discuss all options with your doctor. Ask the doctor regarding side effects of medication that may affect digestion

 Research Note: Robert Riess, health researcher, says the latest clinical studies out of Norway reveal that specific Salmon Protein Peptides may compensate for digestive limitations by providing all required amino acids in free, digested form.

That means that you no longer have to rely on a compromised digestion system to do the work of breaking down the nutrients. No other protein in the world can do this!

As a result, you can support your fight against constipation, weight gain, heartburn and bloating- plus more serious consequences if the situation is not addressed on a timely basis.

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    You mention Salmon Protein in your article above but when i click on the info page, it is blank, says not her? Is there such a product and how can I find it? I have acid reflux and looking for relief

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