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Pharm Origins Complete Mineral Complex™

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Stay healthy with a blend of pure, ionic bioavailable magnesium, and 72 trace minerals to support your body's growth and development.  

Complete Plays a role in


  • Boosting your Immune Health
  • Promoting Healthy Aging 
  • Maintaining a Healthy Brain and Heart
  • Promoting Effective Cellular Communication

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the average magnesium intake in women and men is 228 mg/day and 323 mg/day, respectively. 

‘These intake levels suggest that a substantial number of people may be at risk for Mg deficiency. Magnesium is important because it affects over 300 biological processes in the human body.

How to Use

Use the dropper and place 10-40 drops under your tongue ( see label for details) every day to get your requirement of magnesium and trace minerals. Hold under your tongue for up to a minute for maximum absorption.


72 Pure Ionic Trace Minerals from Great Salt lake with no additives, flavors or preservatives plus 500 mg of magnesium