Pharm Origins is Now Exclusively Operated By American Laboratories and Logistics LLC
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Pharm Origins is Proudly American, Maintaining 100% of Operations in Our Atlanta, GA Facility.

All products at Pharm Origins are made on-demand at our FDA Registered facility and shipped with 72 hours! That means products never get old and stale sitting around decaying on store shelves or packed in distribution warehouses. They are made to order so you always receive a product that is fresh with active ingredients that has not lost its potency. When you take Pharm Origins product, you can rest assured that it was made by hand within a week or two of your order. We are committed to bringing you the freshest ingredients in the industry. No ineffective ingredients, fillers, GMO's, or preservatives.

Pharm Origins was established as a premium nutritional company originally in 2013 but has been acquired by American Laboratories and Logistics in 2021 owned by Travis Shoaf.

 Pharm Origins mission was simple-

  1. Identify the health concerns of men and women over the age of 40.
  2. Offer well-researched ingredients to produce proprietary health products to naturally nourish and support the human body
  3. Manufacture in the USA to support the American economy
  4. Freshness- make products on demand in a FDA registered facility to guarantee freshness and purity
  5. Produce serums and powders with no added artificial ingredients, no colored dyes, no sugars, GMO free for maximum absorbability

 100% American Made

Pharm Origins is proudly American! Our FDA Registered manufacturing facility and attached headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

All our processes from A to Z, including ingredient sourcing, formulating, testing, manufacturing, shipping and customer service, are executed under one roof by our very hard-working staff.

We take pride in being fully integrated, allowing us to fully stand behind the products we produce while providing top tier customer support.

We are excited to continue growing Pharm Origins as we add to the American economy. 

 On Demand Manufacturing

 At Pharm Origins,  our products are manufactured fresh at the time of order placement, ensuring maximum quality and freshness.

Every single Pharm Origins product is handmade, in-house by our highly skilled and trained technicians.

All of our employees are trained in food and health safety rules and are supervised by GMP Certified (Good manufacturing Practices) managers during every step of the process.

 All of our ingredients are thoroughly tested for purity and strength. Our quality control team makes sure every incoming raw ingredient and outgoing finished product is top-quality.

 Our In Real- Time manufacturing process includes small batches, which allow us to have more control and visibility over every aspect of this process. This ensures that the product you receive adheres to our highest standards while being made in real-time. This minimizes the risk of cross-contamination unlike companies that outsource manufacturing, especially if they are outsourcing overseas.

100% Active Ingredients

At Pharm Origins, we believe in only using 100% natural active Ingredients.

Each and every ingredient we add is dosed properly to create the desired human benefit.

We never add ingredients simply for “label copy”.

Everything added to our formulations is a thoughtful addition that will ensure maximum benefit.

In addition, we do not use any of the artificial preservatives or flavorings you commonly find in store bought products. All of our flavorings are 100% naturally sourced and contain no fillers or food color dyes, making our products a “stand out” in the natural health industry.

 Our Focus on Nutrient Bioavailability

At Pharm Origins we have identified nutrient bioavailability as one of the corner stones of natural product performance.

With this in mind, we only offer our products as raw powders, liquids or sublingual’s. These three formats have been clinically verified to absorb into the body at higher rates than pills and capsules.

This ensures you are getting nearly maximum benefit from the nutrients you are absorbing.