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Complete Mineral Complex (Buy 1 only $67)

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Contains the perfect blend of Ionic Minerals that support nerve center health and rich red blood carrying nutrients and oxygen to all parts of your body.

Guaranteed Purity and Absorption:

  1. Purity- cGMP and GRAS standards for quality and safety
  2. Free of all heavy metals and pollutants
  3. NO dyes, chemicals, or artificial processes
  4. Higher 90 % mineral absorption.
  5. GRAS-AffirmedKosher certifiedHalal certified, and vegan certified

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Ocean Mineral Plays a Role in Fighting the Aging Process


(Harvard Medical called it the “Missing Link” in human health)


This Ocean mineral has been studied for over 50 years by  BOARD Certified, FDA registered clinical trials performed by the BEST doctors in the world.


Why do we get sick when we age? Simple, our systems wear down. Processes that were designed to protect us fail. After failure, disease sets in and spreads. 


Only on RARE occasions do you see the young affected by disease, right? In most circumstances, the young can FIGHT disease and they stay healthy.


So what if you could REVERSE the age of your biological functions? 


You are about to learn about a SINGLE nutrient that is the “Life Blood” of 300 of your MOST IMPORTANT functions, including your immune health 


When your IMMUNE HEALTH is working to full capacity, your defenses are UP and READY to fight the world’s worst diseases. 


Not to mention, you will FEEL like you were decades younger once again!


“There is ONE Consistent Link Between Human Health and Terminal Disease” Linus Pauling


 Linus Pauling won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry AND a Nobel Peace Prize. 


After his scientific career he set his focus on human disease. His biological hypothesis was disease could be effected at the cell level, if you have proper nutrition.

This hypothesis came from EXTENSIVE study at an ancient village that lived decades “free of disease”.


After nearly a decade, he concluded all TERMINAL disease stemmed from one CRUCIAL human deficiency.

This conclusion also came after millions and millions were spent on his own personal research.


This discovery lead to the Linus Pauling Institute (Oregon State University), which is STILL one of the top ranked natural health institutes in the world since 1973.


Here is the GREAT news! This deficiency can be EASILY reversed with proper nutriton - pumping life back into your immune system. 


Consider this…


A top Ivy League Medical school spent two decades and tens of millions of dollars on ground breaking clinical research proving what Dr. Linus Pauling had started.


What are we discussing? 


The purest complete complex of ionic minerals in the world that contain Magnesium Chloride.


This type of liquid Magnesium is naturally ionized for maximum human absorption. 

The GREAT NEWS is, Pharm Origins just recently released its highly bioavailable magnesium in the United States. 


Complete contains NATURAL Magnesium, that is processed and purified

100% Pure Magnesium Chloride gives your body the nutrition it needs to power 300 Biological Functions


The Benefits are FAR reaching.

Scientifically proven magnesium plays a significant role in how healthy your body is:

Heart Health, Immune System Bone Health, Blood Pressure, Sleep, Joint and Muscle Health, and Brain Health, Energy levels



According to the CDC, 90% of humans are deficient in magnesium.

According to a study done by Michael Karr, PhD, ARCPACS Certified Professional Soil Scientist, “Irresponsible, large scale farming methods has left our soil bare while the environment and the consumer pay the price”


Fact: If the SOIL is not mineralized, Minerals  NEVER make it into the plants that we desperately need to balance this deficiency – THEY ARE USELESS


If the soil is bare, OUR foods are bare.


It is time to fight back with Complete Mineral Complex. Get yours today!


Efficiency can create life, while deficiency can create almost certain death.


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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