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A Naturally Occurring Alkaloid has been discovered and studied at The Scripps research Institute for its pain reducing qualities. It is believed to naturally bind to your pain receptors to help to manage pain. It is proven to be natural and safe with no chemical side effects common with opioids.


  • Non addictive, natural and drug- free
  • Studies show it supports your body's fight against pain by attaching to the body’s pain receptors
  • Plays a role in neutralizing joint aches and discomfort
  • Studied at Scripps Research Institute for SAFE and AFFORDABLE Relief


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BEND, MOVE, FLEX AND PLAY EASILY AND COMFORTABLY With NEW Plant Alkaloid Studied At The Scripps Institute


Everywhere I go I see people having trouble walking without pain...grimacing as they bend their elbows or fingers... massaging their own necks and backs in order to get comfortable...or simply sitting out on the sidelines of life because they’re in too much agony to join in.


Recently, an article in NATURE magazine covered by ABC news reported that scientists have found a way to make a alkaloid, used in traditional Asian medicine, which may lead to a whole new class of pain relief.


Conolidine, is one of many complex organic alkaloids present in a tropical flowering plant called Tabernaemontana divaricate that is used in Chinese, Indian and Thai herbal medicine to fight inflammation and pain.


Now, a team at the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Florida, has extracted conolidine in a lab and tested its effects


The researchers describe their findings in a paper published today in Nature Chemistry.


With an ever increasing need to source pain medication, the study provides a strong basis for the creation of new analgesics in a laboratory setting.

But we didn't stop there. 

After two years of research, we identified a naturally ionized Magnesium which happens to be the rarest and purest magnesium in the world.

This element absorbs into the human body at a rate of 99%, and immediately boosts hundreds of your biological functions, enhancing the effects of Conolidine. 

Now you do not have to wait any longer to try this new alkaloid- Pharm origins has just released Conolidine Raw.


Get ready to experience the power of this super alkaloid. I believe it will be changing lives for years to come!


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