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Promotes a sense of well-being, enhance sports performance, support normal stress levels, boost stamina and performance, support healthy hormone levels, boost free testosterone


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Maximizes Your Body's FREE Testosterone Levels and Fight The Aging Process

After over 20 years of research leading doctors identified a naturally occurring rainforest tree root ( Tongkat Ali) that could boost your natural free testosterone serum levels... 
thus playing a significant role in bone health, physical condition, youthful energy, less belly fat and mental acuity without side effects.

The root comes from the Eurycoma Longifolia Tree found deep beneath the jungle floor in Malaysia. 

The local population in Malaysia as well as other countries like Japan and Korea have been consuming it for years and raving about this magical root's male enhancing effects.
However, only recently in 2002 did it get the attention of western societies and it is rapidly gaining in popularity as more and more people experience its amazing benefits.

A special extract of Tongkat Ali called LJ100 has undergone 13 human clinical studies that show it plays a role:

Enhances Sports performance.


Reduces the stress hormone - Cortisol

​Improves Mood Profiles
​Reduces fatigue and tension
​Improves stamina and performance
​Balances hormones
​Supports healthy weight management
​Promotes an overall feeling of well-being.

The Extraction of the active ingredients from the root was a collaboration between MIT, the Gov't of Malaysia, various Universities, The Ministry of Science and the Forest Research Institute. Now that extract known as LJ100 is the only one in the world protected by a worldwide patent for safely increasing testosterone and boosting male health.

Juverin contains the therapeutic dosage of LJ100 plus...

Pine Pollen-  a powerful anti inflammatory that contains phyto-androgens that support growth and hormone activity.

Ashwagandha-  a widely used Ayurvedic to play a role in reducing stress, boosting cardiorespiratory endurance, boost muscle recovery and free testosterone.

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