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Pharm Origins Nutra IGF 1™

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Pharm Origins Nutra IGF-1™ is a sublingual extract from Velvet Deer Antler that is rich in vitamins and minerals essential for growth that may provide numerous health benefits.

Nutra IGF 1 may play a role in:


  • Fight accelerated aging
  • Support heart function and healthy joints
  • Support the building of lean muscle and promote recovery
  • Boost vitality and stamina



Help Maintain Healthy IGF-1 Levels Safely and Naturally With Deer Antler Sublingual

Your body naturally produces less IGF-1 as you grow older. Nutra IGF1 supports your body’s ability to maintain healthy growth, strength, and recovery.

How to Use

Simply squeeze the dropper up to the 1ml line, and administer it under your tongue. Hold it there for up to a minute before swallowing. Use once daily. 

  • Cornu Cervi Parvum
  • Ethyl Alcohol- food grade
  • Natural Blueberry extract
  • Purified water
  • Citric acid